Complements your existing offerings

SAFAL ERP is the web-enabled ERP product that can be deployed on premise and designed for various industry verticals. It’s only kind of ERP which covers almost control points of ISO 9001 standard’s requirement.

An exciting new value proposition

SAFAL ERP licensing is per server, not per user or per seat. We think this only makes sense for an ERP solution. This means the more users in a company the system has, the lower the cost is per user. This is a better value for your customer; because there are more users, there is more opportunity for you to provide services.

Margins that work for you

SAFAL provides competitive margins while dramatically lowering the cost of operation for your customers.

Sell to markets you already know

You are already marketing and selling to the customers SAFAL ERP is designed for. Unlike many SaaS ERP solutions that were designed for entry level customers, SAFAL has the advanced functionality you expect.

Low start up and training costs

Your application consultants and technical staff will learn how to quickly sell, demo, modify and support SAFAL at a low cost because it has familiar features and is based on the Windows Server, .NET and SQL
Server technology you know.

Become experts at customization rapidly, and at low lost

SAFAL ERP is built to run on a .NET platform and are modified with standard Microsoft tools and technologies your staff already knows. Hundreds of reports are included and can be easily modified to your customers’ exact requirements. It is easy to add fields and objects, and inexpensively build new complementary reports that work exactly like the others.

We are committed to your success

We work only with organizations that have a strong record of sales and customer satisfaction. We offer extensive help, pre-sales and post-sales, and we don’t compete with you.

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