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Why go for Industry-Specific ERP? In a one-size-fits-all scenario, the company either has to adopt “the practices” in the ERP system (which are not industry-specific) or has to customize the solution to its specific needs. But with industry-specific ERP, it is a different story. “Companies offering industry solutions come with knowledge and expertise in that particular vertical because of previous experience. Moreover, generic solutions are likely to be patchy and unstable when compared to vertical-specific solutions, Less time customizing, fewer hurdles and more acceptance. SAFAL provide highly effective mid-market management systems for businesses in manufacturing and distribution. Our industry expertise is built into our software, making it quick to install and easy to use. And because it is built for a specific industry, it will work right out of the box. 
An understanding of business needs: Further, Industry-Specific ERP systems are designed by those with a better understanding of a particular business. With minimal customization, sector-specific ERP solutions are easy on the pocket compared to generic solutions. Fast and furious on the implementation front: With a generic ERP system, a lot of time is lost understanding business processes and configuring them. With most features and industry specific business processes enabled in sector-specific ERP, a lot of time is saved.
Bountiful benefits: Some other plus points include benefiting by adopting the industry’s best practices, the ability to retain your unique processes and domain knowledge, the ability to bargain for more sector-specific services, etc. Another point to consider is that with generic solutions, the ERP vendor supports the product while the implementation partner supports the customization and enhancement. But with sector-specific systems, the ERP vendor can support the product as well as the implementation and customization.

Our Industry Solutions

Engineering Industry

download-1Enterprise Resource Planning, doesn’t live up to its acronym. Forget about planning—it doesn’t do much of that—and forget about resource, a throwaway term. But remember the enterprise part. This is ERP’s true ambition. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single database system that can serve all those different department’s needs and provide reporting.

Metal Industry


SAFAL Metal ERP software designed with the unique requirements of the metal industry. The SAFAL metals ERP software an enterprise software for CS / SS / MS Tube Manufacturer Welded or Seamless, SS Coil / Foil Manufacturers / Process Units, Billet Manufacturers, Wire Rod and Bright Bar Manufacturers, Steel Stockholders, Plate Processors, Metal Processors, any type of tube mills.

Plastic / Polymer Industry

3SAFAL Plast ERP solutions enable all types of plastic manufacturers (including extruders, injection molders, thermo formers, and film and bag makers) to tighten delivery schedules, manage raw materials, reduce excess inventory, and increase profits. SAFAL Plast ERP is uniquely positioned with cross-industry functionality to meet the strict guidelines of many industries.

Casting & Forging Industry

4SAFAL Cast ERP covers all business-processes for the administration of foundries and casting-companies. This includes not only production related modules like production-planning, production-data-capture and logistics but also the areas of CRM, calculation, purchasing, tool-management and more. RM chemical and physical characteristics are managed at heat level.

Food & Beverages Industry

5SAFAL Food ERP delivering more perfect orders is a critical measure for all food and beverage manufacturers. To accomplish this, you need to efficiently manage your supply-chain against a backdrop of industry unique challenges, including shelf life, catch weight, compliance, traceability, quality, and formula optimization-all while trimming costs to keep consumer prices low.

Chemical, Paint & Allied Industry

8For companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals, dyes, and allied products, it can be difficult to efficiently manage day-to-day operations while also staying up-to-date on formulations, material requirements planning (MRP), changing regulations, increasing competition, and industry globalization. From SAFAL’s wide experience in this industry, and adopt the best practices built into SAFAL Chem ERP.

Electronic & Solar Industry

7SAFAL have worked a lot with client into electric and solar industry like solar cut cell manufacturer, solar panel manufacturer, electric luminaries, CFL, electric Ballast & starter manufacturer, LED product manufacturer, electric inverter, stabilizers and transformer manufacturers. Our customer consists of manufacturers of discrete electric items as well as solar plant project implementer.

Cement Industry

6India is the second largest producer of cement in the world. However, the market opportunities have also led to increased competition with many of the world’s leading cement manufacturer entering India. To succeed in this competitive market requires a strong operations management and efficiency improvement, both at a plant level and through the cement supply chain.

EPC Industries

SAFAL Infra ERP Software for project, inventory, sales, accounting and management is an extremely cost-effective construction (infrastructure) industry software solution that addresses all the financial accounting, departmental, compliance, project management, marketing, after sales, supplier, inventory and operational requirements of companies within this industry sector.

Glass & Ceramic Industry

image1to8SAFAL has industry-leading experience in serving full service glass shops become more beneficial. Our business management solution is the only invention in the market that seamlessly incorporates the needs auto and flat glass markets. We assist together retail and wholesale full service glass shops run seamlessly and cost-effectively, with software that’s robust to manage both sides of the business.

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