SAFAL ERP for Metal Industry

SAFAL is a steel and metal industry ERP software designed with the unique requirements of the metal industry. The SAFAL metals ERP software an enterprise software for CS / SS / MS Tube Manufacturer Welded or Seamless, SS Coil / Foil Manufacturers, CS / SS Billet Manufacturers, Wire Rod and Bright Bat Manufacturers, Steel Stockholders, Plate Processors, Metal Processors, any type of tube mills.

The SAFAL metal industry ERP address the distinct and complex problems in all areas of sales, multi-step production, inventory management, shop floor operations and productivity for metal service centers and metal companies dealing in ferrous and non-ferrous products of all forms including coils, sheets, structural products, wire, pipe and tubing, bars, roll formed products, panels/profiles, and building products.

SAFAL ERP includes a finite scheduling feature that gives a true capable to promise date based upon available material, equipment and resources. SAFAL ERP also features a powerful workbench to manage and communicate the mill runs and always maintains excellent history for use in future planning of mill run operations. There are also features available within SAFAL ERP that address the specific needs of each type of mill. For example, tube mill production companies have a large amount of functionality specifically designed to assist with managing and optimizing their coil inventory.

SAFAL ERP includes a material optimizer that selects and allocates raw material based upon generating the least amount of scrap. This capability ensures the most optimal use of inventory and also provides excellent material genealogy.

Raw material chemical and physical characteristics are managed at the tag or heat level and upstream and downstream usage analytics are always available. Mill Test Reports and Material Certifications are built-in to SAFAL ERP and can be delivered automatically with various customer facing documents.

Key Modules & Features for METAL Industry

  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Heat Number wise Stock Maintenance
  • ASTM Standard wise Stock Maintenance
  • Size with OD, ID and Thickness wise Stock Maintenance
  • Chemical Composition Formulation Management
  • Mill wise Planning and status of WIP
  • Test Certificate Management
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Bar Code / RFID ManagementTrack every raw materials batch through to finished goods
  • Maximize throughput with efficient production scheduling
  • Define dimensions and grades without creating new product codes
  • Hook up shop floor equipment for real-time monitoring
  • Cut scrap and waste and reduce WIP inventory levels
  • Respond quickly to customer schedules and just-in-time orders
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