Release Notes

Version No.DateRemarks
2.1.5710.3455503/01/2018Total Pcs automatic calculation when on enter the Pcs Length and Total Wight in KG or Total Meter in Mtr
2.1.5710.3455603/01/2018Coil process loss weight auto calculation on % wise (we enter %) 
2.1.5710.3455703/01/2018Add OA No in sale Invoice registry.
2.1.5710.3455803/01/2018Team(Department) link with Process(Operation) parameter.
2.1.5710.3455903/01/2018Process(Operation) wise Sub Process(Operation) selection for report purpose.
2.1.5710.3456003/01/2018Process(Operation) wise batch qty. define in Master BOM and
2.1.5710.3456103/01/2018Add one button namely,Dimension in Master BOM Process in which there will selection of QC Parameter.
2.1.5710.3456203/01/2018Check return utility add new column (cheque return date)
2.1.5710.3456303/01/2018Provide half leave option Daily attendance
2.1.5710.3456403/01/2018Put half leave calculation in Salary generation.
2.1.5710.3456503/01/2018Provide department wise selection in All employee salary
2.1.5710.3456603/01/2018In Purchase Quotation Amendment Option.
2.1.5710.3456703/01/2018Add Accessories Button In sales return
2.1.5710.3456803/01/2018Add GST calc. In contra and cash
2.1.5710.3456903/01/2018Multiple cheque having similar voucher No
2.1.5710.3457003/01/2018Put a view button in item stock opening upload to reduce the time in search of Itemname
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