Touch-Screen KIOSK

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We are the pioneer and Gujarat’s only company dedicated to Touch Technology having in house manufacturing facility since 1999. Our touch screens KIOSK are in use in every application you can think of and clients are located all over India. We have a touch screen for every requirement. We offer you the best in new touch screen technologies & kiosk. We offer product customization as well as new product development services to meet specific customer requirements. With our experienced engineering team, we have the capability to design and develop new products. In addition to hardware we provide a versatile range of proprietary software solutions for our system. Our system solutions are your key to successful interactive customer communication.


  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • Touch Screen Panel PCs with Embedded Processors
  • KIOSK Cabinet Manufacturing

Information Kiosk-Includes Information Kiosk, Visitor Kiosk, Office Reception Area Kiosk, etc.

Ticketing Kiosk-Theater Tickets, Parking, Check-In, Ski Passes and Many More.

Order Entry, Line Busting, and Check-In-Faster and More Reliable Customer Service.

Gaming and Redemption Kiosk-Provide Loyalty, Redemption and Reward Opportunities for Gaming Customers.

Retail Kiosks-Includes Loyalty, Product Information, Store Directory and Many More.

Bill Payment & Prepaid Kiosk-Includes Bill Payment, Money Orders, Coupon, Pre-Paid PIN Dispensing, and Even Insurance and Email.

Directories and Way finding Kiosk-Used in High-Rise Office Buildings, Malls, Corporate Offices and Many Other Locations.

Security Kiosk-Includes Government, Biometric, Immigration and More.

Information and Marketing Kiosk-Includes Information, Loyalty, Coupon and Many More.

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